10 Things Only Dads With Girls Understand

I’m blessed with two beautiful children, Mary-Jo (11) and Anthony (8). As a parent, you can never love one kid more than another. Each child will occupy a special place in your heart and affect your life in their particular way.

However, there are certain unique things that you experience with your little girl, and only dads with girls can understand and relate to:

1- Pink, Pink, Pink

A computer displays about 16.8 million colors; a little girl sees only one, PINK. For the first seven years of her childhood, everything around you is pink. Pink here, pink there, pink everywhere. Her room, furniture, dolls, bags, dresses, all pink. You will realize that there are more shades of pink that you can ever imagine.

2- Unicorns Are Real

Unicorn Techie Dad
Yes, unicorns are real, don’t you dare argue against that. They are these gorgeous white flying horses with rainbow-colored horns. Unicorns possess amazing magical powers, but no one really knows what they can do, just accept it and move on.

3- Boys Are The Enemy

Dad vs boyfriend Techie Dad
As of the age of 9, you will start hating all the boys in her class equally. As a dad, you will start practicing the 101 ways to show off your alpha male genes in every event, birthday, and outing.

4- Girls Have Their Lingo

Minions Techie Dad
You need a specialized linguist to decipher the conversation of your little girl with her girlfriends. They talk in a weird pitch, extremely fast, use abbreviations to every word, and jump from one random topic to another every 15 seconds.

5- Mom is Always Right

Super Mom Techie Dad
No matter what you do, she will always side with her mom. You could spend the whole weekend with her doing all the things she loves, but whenever there is a moment of truth, Mom is always right!

6- She Will Put Makeup On Your Face

Daughter Dad Makeup Techie Dad
We’ve all been victims of makeup testing. As a girl, she needed a model to practice her makeup skills on and what better model to have other than her bearded dad.

7- Dads Can’t Dance

Dad girl Dance Techie Dad
God knows you try to be a good dance partner, but your beer belly gets in the way. Don’t worry she will always tell you that you were great and you don’t need a diet.

8- Fashionista Dad

Dad Daughter Dress Techie Dad
She insists on having your expert opinion in fashion but always picks the other option. Dads always tend to choose the most conservative outfit. Not cool.

9- Bye Bye Pink Floyd, Welcome Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Techie Dad
Say goodbye to your car playlist, the one that you spent a full weekend to put together. In their lingo, its called “old” and “boring” music. Your only way out of the walk of shame is to sing along Ariana Grande’s greatest hits.

10- You’re The King of The World

Jimmy Ghazal MaryJo Techie Dad
You haven’t experienced true love in your life until you feel your little girl’s love for you. Every look, hug, kiss or word she says to you is an out of this world experience. If you’re feeling down, sick, tired or your battery is dead, don’t worry all will disappear with a hug. In under 10 seconds, she will fill you up with enough positive energy to move a mountain.


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