Anki Overdrive Review: Your Favorite Childhood Toy Just Became Awesome!

Who of us didn’t play slot-car racing as a kid? Remember those black plastic tracks that we used to put together, the small miniature cars speeding down the circuit, the handheld speed controller and the metallic strip with a grove that powered the car and kept it on track?Anki Overdrive review

Today, you can now relive the slot-car experience with a modern, techie and state-of-the-art interactive gameplay. Anki Overdrive is a classic miniature action-packed car racing game with a futuristic twist.Anki Overdrive

I’ve wanted to try the game for some time now, and I finally managed to get my hands on one during my last trip to Dubai. The Starter Kit is sold at 899AED ($244) while the Supertruck is sold separately at AED349 ($94).

I couldn’t wait to get home to play with my kids and challenge them. We spent the whole weekend racing and trying the different cars and weapons. Let me tell you one thing, Mary-Jo, my 10-year-old, turned out to be one hell of a racer, beating the boys 🙂


You can battle and race the Supercars on a custom built track of your own. You will need the Anki Overdrive App to control your vehicle; you can also customize your Supercar’s speed, weapons, and defenses through in-game upgrades. Each Supercar is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.).

You can challenge friends in a variety of game modes, or, go head-to-head with AI controlled Commanders. You will unlock new powers and benefits the more you play.

Anki Overdrive Charger Techie Dad
Charging the cars before the race

How Anki Overdrive Works:

1- Unbox your Starter Kit and construct your track. The box contains 2 Robotic Supercars (Skull and GroundShock), two riser pieces, six curved track pieces, one four-car charging system, four straight track pieces, one tire cleaner.

2- Download the Anki OVERDRIVE app (for iOS and Android), create a user and select the car that you will be using in the race. Make sure that everyone is connected to the same WIFI network.

Anki Overdrive 2 Cars Truck Techie Dad
The cars have a smart AI, they align themselves on the starting line

3- Charge the Supercars using the power adaptor before the race.

4- You’ll have to play a tutorial round before you can move to challenges and battles.

Anki Overdrive Kids Challenge Techie Dad

5- You can play an Open Game or Tournaments to earn stars and ranks. The robotic Supercars come with their unique weapon systems and the technology to intelligently think for themselves on the battlefield.

Anki Overdrive Car Jump Techie Dad
The track is very flexible to manipulate and to be creative

Skull’s weapon of choice, the Plasma Cannon, fires a single, massive ball of energy ahead of it. If it hits an opponent, it will explode, causing damage to everyone in a large area.

The ElectroPulse causes GroundShock’s core to continuously discharge its energy around it, creating a circle of lightning that destroys the nearest enemy.

Anki Overdrive App Techie Dad
All the control is done via the mobile app: race and fight

The Supertrucks:

Supertrucks are big, powerful, unpredictable and come with a big trick up their sleeve. Rage Mode. The truck is a stand alone item and not included in the Starter Kit, but it is a fantastic angry little thing, it is slow to pick up the pace but once rolling it is unstoppable, I just love racing it.

Anki Overdrive Supertruck Car Techie Dad
My favorite is the Supertruck, once rage mode is on, it becomes unstoppable

The Tracks:

With the modules found in the Starter Kit, you can build eight unique battlefields. You can always get creative and expand your track by adding extra modular track pieces such as long straightways, add more twists and turns, intersections, jumps, intersections, and elevations.

Anki Overdrive Track Techie Dad


I am in love with this game; the kids can quickly put it together on their own as it is easy to assemble and pack. I can play and have fun with them as well as playing with my “grown up” friends 🙂 Najib, are you ready for a challenge?


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