Can 280 Characters Save Twitter?

Twitter announced that it had expanded its character limit of tweets to 280, this is double the current limit of 140 characters.

This new feature will roll out gradually to all users. Currently, it is being tested by a group of select active users, most famous of them all is the President of the United States, referred to online as the Tweeter-In-Chief for his overly active account.
Twitter 140 Characters Limit
It is no secret that Twitter has been struggling for the past few years as many influencers and celebrities like Ed Sheeran have moved away from the social media platform.

Although two of the initial founders, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone came back to Twitter, no major improvement in user growth and engagement has happened on the platform yet.

Twitter Jack Dorsey 280 Characters
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announcing the new limit

Even with the introduction of live streaming, customer service bots, sports-focused content, and now the 280 extended character limit. Twitter has continued to trail behind Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Twitter Reply to Jack Dorsey 280 Characters
Replies to Jack Dorsey were not all in favor for the increase in character count

Today, Twitter has lost its status as a “social” platform and transitioned into a news source. News agencies, wires, politics and politicians and Donald Trump are what’s still keeping the platform alive. The problem is that the younger generation has already migrated away from Twitterland.

Will 280 characters bring them back?


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