Help Carter Win A Year Worth of Nuggets From Wendy’s

You gotta love the internet when you think you have seen it all something happens to blow your mind or put a smile on your face.

Carter Wilkerson man from Nevada who clearly loves chicken nuggets (as stated on his Twitter profile) asked Wendy’s, the fast-food chain, how many retweets are needed for him to get a year worth of free chicken nuggets.

Wendy’s reply was a staggering “18 Million” in an attempt to make the quest impossible as the highest number of retweets is 3.2 Million was held by Ellen Degeneres’ celebrities selfie at the Oscars in 2014.

Wilkerson’s reply was: “Consider it done”


The funny part is that the whole internet is helping the guy win his challenge and has accumulated so far around 1.6 Million retweets and it is only building up. There is even a hashtag for it #nuggsforcarter


From a marketing point of view, Wendy’s should already give Carter his nuggets; he earned them. This stunt created a hype Wendy’s could only dream of. It resulted in thousands of free positive impressions and interactions worth hundred of thousands of dollars.


Here’s a fact: To get 18 Million retweets, it means that Carter needs to reach 5.6% of the Twitter population since it has 319 million daily active users.

So, come on everyone help a fellow man get his nuggs and give him a retweet 🙂


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  • menaribo

    Apr th, 2017 7:02 AM Reply

    Title should have been “Help Carter Make America Fat Again”

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