It’s the story of the guy who painted the guy who painted the girl who painted the guy who painted the girl who painted the guy who painted the mom who painted the bird.
Check out this cool and hilarious dance battle between Marvel and DC superheroes. I have to admit there are special moves that I haven't seen any of my favorite heroes do before. Just wait and see Batman at the end of the video :)
If you're not familiar with Wissam Kamal's work yet, then I advise you to subscribe to his social channels. Wissam is about to take his comedy to a whole new level and become a superstar. As of today, Wissam will be hosting "Ridiculousness Arabia - Season 2" on Comedy Central Arabia. He will be the first Lebanese comedian to host a show on this channel.
Moophz is the ultimate Lebanese ninja warrior of night sky photography. He captures the dark skies, the Milky Way, the Northern Lights, meteor showers. I was introduced to through a couple friends who became obsessed with Astrophotography. They pack up every weekend and head to the various mountain-tops away from the light pollution of the city, they camp and wait for the night sky to sparkle.
This week's featured talent is not a painter nor a singer but rather a content person. Trust me, the hardest type of creativity is the one that cannot be visualized in shapes and colors but rather in actions. Samar Maalouf is the morning talk show host of "Sabah El Mada” on "Sawt El Mada" (92.5, 92.7 & 92.9 FM). Her segment is a combination of entertaining, informative and most importantly social content.
The French Red Cross (Croix-Rouge Française) launched an extremely powerful and emotional film to celebrate its national days (10-18 June). The ad featured an old lady performing impossibly dangerous stunts in order to save someone's life.
I grew up in the 80’s, back then when the Kassatly Chtaura Jallab ad was produced in 1987, the tune became an instant hit. Over the years, you couldn’t think of the product itself without humming the melody in the back of your head.
Mira El Khalil is not a painter, illustrator, photographer, musician or singer. She is all of them together; she is a holistic young artist. The most interesting part for me is that she doesn't practice art professionally nor does she work in an art studio. It is a personal hobby, her way of expressing her thoughts of the world around her.
A while back I had the opportunity to be part of a project that aimed to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. The most important thing I learned, is that the majority of these people don't need nor want special treatment. They just want to live, eat, drink, love, go to school, have fun, move, go to work and experience everyday situations like any other person without having to face inequalities in their daily lives.
Our mobile devices today are our gateways to the connected world. Whether we need to find a new restaurant, watch a movie, book a trip, check the news or post a picture on social media, we go to our smartphones first. Anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if we start on mobile and complete the action on a bigger screen. The decision to be interested in a topic or not has already been taken on that smaller mobile screen. The Turning…