Welcome to the era of Experience and Emotions. The challenge for businesses today is not just selling products and services, but rather enhancing and amplifying the perception of the brand. This is done through crafting positive and emotional brand experiences that meet the customers' expectations. Anytime, anywhere.
Google released a video showing the 2017 year in search. It shows that people searched “HOW” more than anything this year. According to Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, this shows people’s desire to understand, and ultimately improve the world around us. As a Lebanese, this triggered a few "HOW" questions of my own, hoping that Google can help me find some answers:
Check out this cool and hilarious dance battle between Marvel and DC superheroes. I have to admit there are special moves that I haven't seen any of my favorite heroes do before. Just wait and see Batman at the end of the video :)
The American University of Beirut (AUB) is launching the "Journalism and Communication Training Program" targeting working professionals and students alike who are interested in further developing their industry skills and hands-on expertise.
Risco is not your average German Shepherd dog; he’s the type of dogs you only see in movies, on billboards or on dog food labels. This dog is perfect in all aspects; he comes from a line of champions. His dad, grandpa, and his kids are champions, he is just the most beautiful dog you can see, I’ve been around German Shepherds all my life, but Risco is just on a different level. Risco Vom Suentelstein is ranked top dog…
I'm blessed with two beautiful children, Mary-Jo (11) and Anthony (8). As a parent, you can never love one kid more than another. Each child will occupy a special place in your heart and affect your life in their particular way. However, there are certain unique things that you experience with your little girl, and only dads with girls can understand and relate to: 1- Pink, Pink, Pink A computer displays about 16.8 million colors; a little girl sees only…
The BBC World Service is holding a series of debates across the world traveling from one city to another. On September 5th, BBC World Questions will be in Beirut. BBC World Questions allows the public to question their politicians, leaders and opinion formers directly face to face. The debates are led entirely by questions from the audience who are able to have their points heard around the world. A panel of senior politicians and thinkers will join the BBC's Jonny…
If you're not familiar with Wissam Kamal's work yet, then I advise you to subscribe to his social channels. Wissam is about to take his comedy to a whole new level and become a superstar. As of today, Wissam will be hosting "Ridiculousness Arabia - Season 2" on Comedy Central Arabia. He will be the first Lebanese comedian to host a show on this channel.
The first thing you do when you become a parent is think about your child's education. Even before they are born, you look for the best school to enroll them in, head to your bank in order to open a college savings account and register them in all sorts of social activities to learn music, sports, languages, etc.
Instagram users will start seeing a new message labeled “Paid partnership with” on influencers' posts and stories whenever a commercial relationship exists between creators such as influencers or publishers and businesses. In an attempt to bring more clarity and transparency to the community, Instagram is asking Influencers to state publicly whenever a post is part of a paid agreement with a brand.