Code Angel: Teach Kids How To Code On a Raspberry Pi

I am a big supporter of tech-related projects that aim at educating kids. Today, technology is no longer a luxury; it’s a way of living, integrated into everything we do. Teaching kids how to code will surely give them an advantage and make them better equipped for the future.

Code Angel is a small project on KickStarter with big potential. Its financial goals are modest; they have already reached their initial objective. But, this is a project worth backing.

The founders have been teaching high school students to code for more than 20 years, and they have packaged their experience into educational gamified content using affordable technology.

What is Code Angel?

Code Angel comes pre-installed on a Raspberry Pi computer so you can start learning to code straight out of the box.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

A digital version of Code Angel is available for those who wish to work on their computer.

Code Angel teaches the principles of computer programming through 12 interactive game projects designed to teach coding with Python. Each project follows the same six key steps to help build an understanding of computer programming and computational thinking.

The code behind each game is explained in a series of short animated video tutorials written by experienced Computing Science teachers.

If the code doesn’t work, then it can be uploaded to the Code Angel website. The support team will highlight any bugs and will explain how to fix them.
Code Bug Error
Code Angel can also work for adults who want to learn how to code.

You can learn more about Code Angel on their website or facebook page


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