Cool Gadgets: 18x Mobile Phone Telephoto Optical Lens

Not every day you need to shoot long distance photos, but when you have to, there is no other way than to carry around a professional camera with a minimum 200mm lens.

I have purchased over the years more than ten long lenses for my mobile phones, and they never worked out for me. Some of them had a plastic body that breaks after a couple of uses due to the weight of the lens/phone, others you get a blurry image.

Day moon (shot in France); Night moon (shot in Lebanon)

My friend Claude lives in France and travels a lot due to his work; he always tries to capture long distance photos or even aim for the moon. He didn’t want to carry with him a professional camera all day long. So we looked around and found this gadget.

mobile phone lens tripod night moon
The above moon pictures were taken from Baabdat area, it took us a good 10min in order to get a clear shot

An 18x mobile phone telephoto optical lens with a universal adapter that works with most one camera smartphones. Note: It will not function with the iPhone 7 Plus or the dual lens Huawei phones.

Given that this lens is a cheaply produced Chinese gadget, you might find it in different prices varying from $30 to $60 and on various online stores such as AliExpress and others

phone lens zoom Judo Techie Dad
Thomas, the little Judo champ. Long distance photo was taken from the other side of the stadium.

The cool thing about it is that you will manage to get decent long distance pictures using the lens. The downside is that you need to be patient while taking a photo, as its tripod is not stable enough to support the weight of the phone. You need to take you time to stabilize it as well as make sure the lens and the phone camera are properly aligned to avoid blurry images.

mobile phone lens zoom long distance
Experimenting with the lens (still managing to capture details)

Remember, with similar gadgets, always use your earphones as the remote shutter release for the camera to avoid blurry photos and camera shaking when you touch the screen with your finger.


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