Featured Talent: Samar Maalouf Radio Host, VO Talent, Opera Lebanon

This week’s featured talent is not a painter nor a singer but rather a content person. Trust me, the hardest type of creativity is the one that cannot be visualized in shapes and colors but rather in actions.

Samar Maalouf is the morning talk show host of “Sabah El Mada” on “Sawt El Mada” (92.5, 92.7 & 92.9 FM). Her segment is a combination of entertaining, informative and most importantly social content.

Samar Maalouf Reporter Techie Dad

Every now and then, Samar invites me as a guest on her show whenever she is discussing topics related to the internet and social media.

To be honest, I was surprised to see the immense reach she has and the amount of engagement she gets from her audience. People trust that she will get their voices heard, and her team does a fantastic job in following up on people issues with the relevant parties.

Samar Maalouf Civil Issues

I met Samar over a digital gathering a while back, and we got into a conversation about the creation process of Arabic and Lebanese content. I was happy to see someone pushing to create original and creative localized content versus taking the easy way of adapting foreign material. She was talking out of experience as she previously worked as an editor in chief of several regional online publications.

After graduating from the Lebanese University with a degree in Radio & TV, she hosted her own morning show at radio “Noujoum Loubnan”. She later moved to “Sawt El Mousika” where she produced and presented different talk shows. In addition to that Samar acted in several Lebanese TV series and plays such as Familia, Hawa2 Fil Tarikh, Mitl El Kizeb, as well as being a voice over talent.

Samar Maalouf Interview Techie Dad

In parallel to all the above, Samar is currently the Vice President of “Opera Lebanon” a first of its kind Opera in Arabic. When she told me about the project I thought it was a crazy stunt to have Opera performances in Arabic, but it is truly one of a kind performance, and everyone should watch it.


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