Florida Man Challenge: Why is Everyone Googling “Florida Man + Their Birthday”

The internet is constantly filled with viral challenges. Once an online challenge is dead, a new one takes its place in no time.

Some challenges are fun, others are helpful, while many are extremely dangerous: We all remember the “Mannequin Challenge”; the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”, the “Backpack Challenge”, the “Kiki Challenge”, the “Make Your Own Slime Challenge”, the “Bottle-Flipping Challenge”, and lately the horrible “Momo Challenge”.

A new viral trend is related to the state of Florida, the sunshine state; Home of the fun, cool, retired, and unusual inhabitants, the Floridians.

The challenge is about Googling Florida Man along with your birthday. It is inspired by the media headlines related to labeling the news every time something happens. ex. “Florida Man Attacked During Selfie with Squirrel”.

Here are some crazy results:













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