How Can We Save Our Country? Does Google Have An Answer?

Google released a video showing the 2017 year in search. It shows that people searched “HOW” more than anything this year. According to Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, this shows people’s desire to understand, and ultimately improve the world around us.

As a Lebanese, this triggered a few “HOW” questions of my own, hoping that Google can help me find some answers:

– How is it that with each year forward, Lebanon moves several years backward?
– How can we get electricity, water, and internet at the same time?
– How did we allow the level of corruption in government to reach a point of no return?
– How can politicians understand that they are public servants and not public lords?
– How can my little girl have the same opportunities in life as her brother in this macho patriarchal society?
– How can religion stop affecting every single civil decision we take?
– How are we still paying two bills for everything? One for government and another for neighborhood service provider.
– How can we elect people for a four-year term and prevent them from forcefully staying in power for nine years?
– How are we aiming to extract oil and gas from the deep sea, when we can’t remove the garbage from the streets?
– How is it still possible that after many years, dozens of protests, and hundreds of sick people, the garbage situation and – the pollution level is worse than ever?
– How can we drink noncontaminated water?
– How are we still calling Lebanon a green country when there is not one green space left?
– How is it that Lebanese are model citizens outside the country, while in Lebanon they fail to respect any law?
– How can we stop texting while driving and endangering other people’s lives?
– How is it that our streets are the most dangerous in the world? They are in terrible conditions and not lit at night?
– How are we still burning our trash and dumping the garbage in the sea?
– How is it possible that we still don’t have high-speed internet in 2018?

The list can go on and on, but the biggest question remains:

How are we still letting all these things happen again and again? I guess we can only blame ourselves. In physics, they say that for every action, there’s an equal an opposite reaction.

We are living the consequence of our actions, if we vote for the same people, we will always get the same results.

How can history not repeat itself in 2018? It’s up to you and me.


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