Turn your Phone Into a Mini Workstation with 2 Gadgets

If you’re always on the move and you’re not able to carry your laptop with you every time, then all you need is to buy these two gadgets and keep them handy. They’re small and they fit in your bag, pocket, or car dashboard.

1- Compact/Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard:

There are plenty of brands and models out there, I’ve had this Brookstone keyboard for more than two years now. I picked it up from an airport shop during one of my travels and I’ve been using it since. It’s foldable and it becomes the size of my smartphone when folded. Prices vary between $20-$50

2- Plastic Stand

You can find a similar stand in almost any gadget or electronics shop, it works perfectly holding your device horizontally or vertically. It is cheap and costs around $3.

For Travel and Meetings:
I keep these items with me at all times, they are very handy in meetings whenever you want to take lots of notes. Or when on the move, traveling and need to write long emails.



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