No, Google Pixel is not competing with the iPhone!

Ever since Google released its Pixel phone, the internet could not stop comparing it to the iPhone. It was immediately destined to be the iPhone killer.

Pixel, was built from the ground up using Google hardware and software just like Apple did with the iPhone. It was released in 2 models, Pixel and Pixel XL, again just like the iPhone. Its apps and core functionalities rely on a cloud ecosystem with a smart AI just like the iPhone. One thing is different though, it still has a headphone jack, just like any other android phone in the market.

From a distance, it seems that Google has gone head-to-head with Apple. It has claimed Microsoft’s historical place as Apple’s arch-nemesis. Google has created a really good phone, one so cool that many Apple fan boys including myself would want to get their hands on.

Truth is, Pixel is not competing with the iPhone. As good as Pixel is, it will not be able to convert the majority of the Apple crowd, but it can surely do lots of damage down in Android land.

Pixel’s main competition is every Android based mobile manufacturer, specifically targeting Samsung’s reign on the android market.

Google, like Apple, is now providing users with a wholistic integrated experience from hardware, software to AI. So, why would people still go through a middle-man to enjoy the Google experience if they can now get it directly from the source?


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  • Firas

    Oct th, 2016 9:45 AM Reply

    Did you notice the prices are the exact same as the iPhone? That’s no coincidence.
    I’m an android fan and I believe Google is finally going all out to boost android. Coupled with their other hardware like Google wifi, chrome casts and home, they’re going after the high end market. They left the cheap techie nexus for the high end pixel to enter this new market

    • Jimmy Ghazal

      Oct th, 2016 4:28 PM Reply

      Hey Firas, of course that’s no coincidence. I agree with you they are going at it all the way. But on the short term Android manufacturers will be hurting the most. In the long run I guess we will be seeing epic tech battles with Apple.

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