No.. This Is Not Our Destiny!

This is not our destiny.
History is not meant to repeat itself.
Lebanese people are not bound to live in misery, pain, and hardship.

Let us stop with the rise like a Phoenix analogy.
We really don’t want to keep rising from the ashes.
Frankly, we do not want to die in the first place, let alone rise again in a life of hardship that viciously repeats itself.

We want to live and celebrate life, not death.

We, the people of Lebanon, have lost drive, purpose, and ambition, and most importantly, hope.

We have been turned into refugees in our land, no different than the people who lived here thousands of years ago. I am not talking about the Phoenicians, at least they were merchants and had a good economy, I am referring to those who lived in dark caves, those whose only purpose in life was to survive and make it to the next day.

Why is it that we, the Lebanese people, are the most successful ex-pats in the world, but the worst citizens in our own land?

Why are we able to successfully run a global multinational organization but are unable to run a simple public office without corruption?

Why are we able to speak 3 or 4 languages but cannot seem to understand one another?

Why are we law-abiding tourists but live under the law-of-the-jungle in our country?

Why do we claim to be a democracy when we accept and idolize tyrants?

Until we stop supporting the same incompetent and corrupt politicians that are responsible for everything bad that has happened and still happening to us.

Until we vote for new public servants that work for the people, ones that can be held accountable for their actions.

Until then, we are as responsible and guilty for everything that has happened to us as much as the people in power, because we gave them this unlimited power over us.

Until we revoke this power of attorney and claim back our true destiny.

Beirut, forgive us, for we knew what we were doing.


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