If there is one thing that I learned not to take for granted, it is the quality of sound and image. It's simply a sin to watch a low-quality movie or even listen to music on low-end speakers or headphones. You will always find cheaper alternatives to the expensive tech products, and I am usually the first to recommend these devices, but not in this post.
Smarke is a smart home access solution, it's a keyless door lock with remote digital access. The lock is fully controlled and operated via its mobile app as well as an intercom and a keypad. Today, Smarke is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. It has successfully reached its first milestone of $75,000 in just 2 days. The next step is to reach $125,000 to release the Nightlatch version of the smart lock.
Who of us didn't play slot-car racing as a kid? Remember those black plastic tracks that we used to put together, the small miniature cars speeding down the circuit, the handheld speed controller and the metallic strip with a grove that powered the car and kept it on track? Today, you can now relive the slot-car experience with a modern, techie and state-of-the-art interactive gameplay. Anki Overdrive is a classic miniature action-packed car racing game with a futuristic twist.
Elon Musk has promised to fix South Australia’s power network in 100 days or it’s free. I guess the only way to solve the electricity problem in Lebanon is to challenge Elon Musk to do it in one day. Dear Elon Musk: We, the people of Lebanon, all 4.5M of us, have been struggling with power failures and blackouts since the end of the war in 1990. Of course, the addition of around 2M Syrian and Palestinian refugees to the overall population made the issue harder to solve, but they are not the main cause of the problem. 27 years, 12 Ministries, and more than $30 Billion later, were not enough to get Electricity Du Liban (EDL) to solve Lebanon’s electricity problem and get 24hrs power coverage for this tiny country of 10,452 km²
Messenger has been on top of Facebook's priorities over the past year. This was very much evident in the upgrades the app has gone through, most noticeably, in the latest release that introduced a new way for users to interact with bots. Today, Facebook is challenging developers across the Middle East and Africa to team up in threes and compete to create innovative bots for Messenger under the following categories: gaming and entertainment; productivity and utility; and social good.
There's a WhatsApp voice note circulating in Lebanon from a guy asking people not to accept calls from a particular mobile number (7066**66) He claims that if you answer the call, a bunch of hackers will have remote access to your pictures, contacts, camera, microphone, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter info, etc. To my knowledge, the only scam people can face via voice call is losing available credits on account from prepaid lines or getting additional charges (extra minutes) on postpaid…
Our mobile devices today are our gateways to the connected world. Whether we need to find a new restaurant, watch a movie, book a trip, check the news or post a picture on social media, we go to our smartphones first. Anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if we start on mobile and complete the action on a bigger screen. The decision to be interested in a topic or not has already been taken on that smaller mobile screen. The Turning…
Every now-and-then, you bump into a fresh grad that you believe has a lot of energy talent and potential. Most important, someone who is putting a lot of personal effort on top of what they learned in university to master their craft and stand out from the crowd. These posts aim to shed the light on young talented people and showcase their work.
Looking for a cool tech gift? Here’s a list of 10 of the coolest gadgets around: 1- FitBark: Pet Tracker Fitbark is a cool activity and sleep tracker for your dog. The app gives you access to your furry friend's data to monitor medical issues, discover nearby friends for pets, compare the increase in activity and behavior. It is compatible with other applications such as Fitbit, HealthKit, Jawbone, and Google Fit. The collar is waterproof and light in weight (8 grams). Price:…
This dad is funny! He is challenging his kids to write the exact instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Throughout the video, the dad will be following the exact steps as specified by the children in an attempt to prepare his lunch. The results are hilarious. I want to try this with my kids. :)