Meet Risco: Top Ranked Dog in the World, Best in the Middle East, North Africa & Eastern Europe

Risco is not your average German Shepherd dog; he’s the type of dogs you only see in movies, on billboards or on dog food labels.

This dog is perfect in all aspects; he comes from a line of champions. His dad, grandpa, and his kids are champions, he is just the most beautiful dog you can see, I’ve been around German Shepherds all my life, but Risco is just on a different level.

Risco German Shephard Body
Risco Vom Suentelstein is ranked top dog in the world, and best male dog in the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. The ranking comes based on genetics and purity of the breed, beauty, body composition, measurements, hip dimension, personality, behavior, emotional intelligence, obedience, awards, and other criteria. Risco is a particular dog, and he is living in Lebanon now.

Risco German Shephard MaryJo
When my friend Siso told me about Risco a couple of years ago, we knew it was going to be extremely hard to bring such a dog to Lebanon. These pure breeds are well protected in Europe and are not sold commercially.

Risco German Shepherd Ears
There’s a qualification process for the future owner to make sure that the dog is living in a well deserving home and can bond with his potential owner. It was a long process as it took many months to get Risco here.

Risco German Shephard Top Dog
Siso is a dog fanatic himself; I’ve always known him with a German Shepherd around. Today, along with Risco, Siso has another German Shepherd called Art and living under the same roof, we can easily claim that Art is a top dog in the country, but unfortunately, Risco’s stardom overshadowed him. We shouldn’t also forget the little white Chihuahua Toot; he is the leader of the pack 🙂

Risco German Shephard Art
Risco is 5 and a half years old, he weighs 40 kgs and has been winning awards every year for the past three years. There are prestigious competitions in Germany and Holland every year, where around 300 dogs compete for the title of excellent dog or (VA) dog, and every year, around 10 to 12 dogs are voted VA dogs out of the participants.

In 2015 Risco was VA 12
In 2016 he was VA 6
In 2017 Risco came VA 1
Risco German Shephard Winner

This latest first place achievement was in Holland a few months ago during the 100 years anniversary siegershow competition.

Risco German Shephard Training
Paul Dargham, Trainer (left) – Siso, Owner (right)

It’s incredible to see how well this dog is trained. I have visited Siso along with my two kids Mary-Jo and Anthony; I was blown away by his outstanding behavior, confidence, and emotional intelligence.

Risco and Art Playing German Shepherd
At the house, with the kids, he was like a little puppy playing with them, but on the training field, he was as ferocious as a police or guard dog. Risco is being trained by Siso and Paul Dargham a professional dog trainer who helped Risco win his last title.

Risco German Shephard MaryJo Anthony
I believe our humanity is so much improved when we have animals around us; our kids become compassionate human beings when they learn to take care of their furry companions.


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