Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The Return of The Beast

After all the issues with the Note 7 last year, I never thought that the note series would see the light of day anymore, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is back stronger than ever.

Display and Size:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Iphone 7 Plus
Comparing the size of the iPhone 7 Plus with the Note 8

The Note 8 has 6.3-inch 6.3″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960 x 1440) 521ppi; It’s a full frontal glass phone with an edge to edge screen. Its size is close to the Galaxy S8 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus (162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm)


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photo Night 1
One of the most impressive elements of the device is the rear dual camera. A (12MP F2.4) telephoto camera and a (12MP F1.7) wide-angle camera deliver stunning results.


The Note 8 captures videos at 4K (30fps), 1080p (30 or 60fps), 720 (30fps) and slow-motion video at 240fps.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photo Green Field
For such a big phone, Samsung played it safe with the battery; it doesn’t last as much as you expect it to and you will need to give it a power boost throughout the day. The good thing is that it supports fast charging, so you don’t wait long until your battery is full.

Fingerprint Sensor and Facial Recognition:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint
Personally, I’m still a big fan of having the fingerprint sensor on the front of the device. I don’t like picking up the phone every time I want to unlock it. One thing I found incredibly annoying was the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device next to the camera. For a left-handed person, I kept smudging the camera every time I tried to unlock the phone.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Face Recognition
The facial recognition, on the other hand, performed well, even in low light conditions. I caught my 8-year-old trying to unlock my Note 8 by placing it above my face while I was sleeping. It’s good that it doesn’t work when your eyes are shut 🙂

SIM Card and Storage:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photo Nuts
The phone comes with a single or dual SIM. You can expand the memory by adding a microSD card (up to 256GB). It has a 6GB RAM; you can choose between 64, 128 and 256GB storage.

The Note 8 Pen:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera
The pen is just outstanding; it is by far the most responsive stylus I have tried on any device. I have used it for taking notes, drawing sketches and adding a bit of zest to my Instagram stories. It is just the reason you would want to pay for the device.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photo Beirut
Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the Note 8 is one of the most powerful and practical android phones on the market. It is easy to carry around and takes superb pictures and videos.


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