Smarke: A Lebanese Startup Unlocking The Doors of Tomorrow

Smarke is a smart home access solution, it’s a keyless door lock with remote digital access. The lock is fully controlled and operated via its mobile app as well as an intercom and a keypad.

Today, Smarke is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. It has successfully reached its first milestone of $75,000 in just 2 days. The next step is to reach $125,000 to release the Nightlatch version of the smart lock.

Smarke Indegogo

Smarke is a Lebanese startup founded by Hady Abdelnour, Charly Bousaid and Bassam Beidas. It is a UK Lebanon Tech Hub alumni, accelerated in Cycle 2.

Smarke Workshop

Smarke aims to be the ultimate access solution used by rental and shared property services like Airbnb as well as having it installed on gates, buildings, and flats.

How Smarke Works:

With Smarke you can use your mobile to grant immediate access to your property wherever you are. The keyless app lets you manage guests and give them timed access to your property by specifying the dates and times of their visit.

Smarke Sketch

The app uses Bluetooth to lock and unlock the door, so you don’t need an internet connection to be connected.

The device is battery operated and not wired to electricity. The battery life lasts around six months and will send out notifications to the user via the app if it is running low.

Smarke Battery

Locking Mechanism:
All Smarke devices fit on any Euro Profile Cylinder lock as it is the standard for all newly built properties in the UK.

The hardware is encrypted and secure.

Contingency Plan:
In the case of a dead phone battery, the Smarke entry system can also work using your existing keys and later via a keypad.

Support this Lebanese Startup, go to Indiegogo and back it up.


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