The other day, my nine year old daughter asked me, why am I constantly taking pictures of her and her younger brother? She was wondering why am I always stalking them with my camera, phone or anything with a lens trying to take endless amounts of pictures?

I have a feeling, that she sometimes sees me as the annoying paparazzi dad who just can’t get enough pictures: smile, stand still, wait, cheese, one more!

I have been thinking about it and about the one hundred thousand pictures in my photo library. Why do I have this unstoppable urge to take the countless pictures? Am I really doing it for them? Do I want to make sure that they are able to look back and remember every single stage of their lives? Or maybe I am the one who doesn’t want to forget.

It may be an attempt to freeze every little moment and every little smile, no matter how silly it is. After all you realize that every photo you snap, captures its own stories and nothing stays with us as we grow older except these memories.


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  • CEH

    Nov th, 2016 10:35 AM Reply

    Pour les mêmes raisons, nos enfants deviendront à leur tour des “paparazzis”.

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