Sony PS5: A Stormtrooper In Your Living Room

The Sony PS5 is one of the most anticipated tech devices of the year. It was literally out of stock on the release date. Although it is huge in size compared to the PS4, the PS5 outer design is awesome and looks like a stormtrooper when placed vertically in your living room.

It comes in 2 versions, Standards (with disk slot) and Digital (without disk slot). Technically, lots of improvements were made on the console compared to the PS4 predecessor in terms of resolution, speed, and processing power.

One thing I don’t get is the low internal storage capacity. Downloading 4-5 games can fill up the 825GB internal HD. Most games nowadays need at least 16-20GB for basic gameplay and an additional 80-100GB for full play. So it will be annoying managing and plugging the additional external storage devices.

Transferring your games and data from PS4 to PS5 is quite easy and straightforward. All you need is to have both consoles on the same wifi and connected together with a LAN cable. The migration process is automatic and needs a few hours.

Although we updated and upgraded all the games, experiencing the full potential of the PS5 might need a bit of time for game makers to upgrade their games to support 120fps in order for us to enjoy the graphics to the max.


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