Welcome to the era of Experience and Emotions. The challenge for businesses today is not just selling products and services, but rather enhancing and amplifying the perception of the brand. This is done through crafting positive and emotional brand experiences that meet the customers' expectations. Anytime, anywhere.
The French Red Cross (Croix-Rouge Française) launched an extremely powerful and emotional film to celebrate its national days (10-18 June). The ad featured an old lady performing impossibly dangerous stunts in order to save someone's life.
I grew up in the 80’s, back then when the Kassatly Chtaura Jallab ad was produced in 1987, the tune became an instant hit. Over the years, you couldn’t think of the product itself without humming the melody in the back of your head.
A while back I had the opportunity to be part of a project that aimed to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. The most important thing I learned, is that the majority of these people don't need nor want special treatment. They just want to live, eat, drink, love, go to school, have fun, move, go to work and experience everyday situations like any other person without having to face inequalities in their daily lives.
"There is no point planning for a future, which, when you get to it, and it becomes the present, you won’t be there." - Alan Watts
Throughout the years, mediums have changed, but the essence remains the same: at the heart of any communication lies the idea. A good idea is like liquid, adaptable to any shape or form. The communications industry’s never-ending challenge is that constant quest to find that novel idea; one that answers the client’s business needs, is well received by the audience, and uses the relevant popular platforms in the best way to communicate the message and create a unique experience. By default,…