8 Cool Tech Gadgets for Kids

With all the technology and gadgets around us, it’s not easy choosing a techie gift for kids anymore. Most of the time we end up getting a useless toy, a cliche item like a PS4 game or something that is not age appropriate and might need adult supervision.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best tech gadgets available for kids of all ages. Note that the below items are based on online availabilities and prices, since they might vary from one country to another.

1- littleBits: Gizmo & Gadgets Kit

littleBits is a platform of easy-to-use electronic color-coded, magnetic and reusable building blocks empowering kids to imagine and create almost anything. littleBits ranks first on the list because it’s innovative, creative, techie and most important educational.

I’ve been a big fan of littleBits ever since the concept originated and I’m extremely proud to showcase this remarkable achievement by the Lebanese Ayah Bdeir


littleBits is great for ages 8-12 and comes in several options with prices varying from $99, $159, $199 (the above mentioned – 2nd edition) and $249. There are more expensive pro packs targeting schools and educational institutions.

2- Cozmo

If you like robots, then Cozmo is a must have. He is the cutest and smartest bot ever. He’s got personality and humor, he is playful, emotional and fun to have. Cozmo is suitable for all ages and has facial recognition and will detect your face as well as recognize your cats and dogs.


Cozmo’s design, movement and sound effects will remind you of Disney’s Wall-E animated movie.
Price: $179

3- The ONE

If you want to learn the piano on your own, this is a good device for you. It can work for both kids and adults alike.  The ONE Light is a portable keyboard for beginners and experienced players. There are keys that light up with sheet music, video lessons, and games when connected with The ONE Smart Piano app.


You can choose to upgrade to a more expensive Grand Upright Piano if you want something more decorative.
Price: $299



Osmo is a great platform that allows children age 5 – 12 to interact with technology without losing the value of hands-on play. It’s a series of 8 standalone games that work by placing the iPad in the Osmo base with the red reflector over the camera in order to see the objects in front of it. Osmo games are sold separately or in bundles, just make sure the Osmo base is part of the package as the games cannot be played without it. We already reviewed one of the games in a previous post.

Here’s a list of the available OSMO games:


Arrange wooden puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes. Animals, objects, humans and more.


Bring your drawings to life! Each item you draw for Mo the monster will be magically pulled into his world.


Add, count and multiply the tiles to match the numbers on the bubbles. Popping enough bubbles will free the fish and unleash a storm of lightning and thunder!


Osmo Coding uses hands-on physical blocks to control Awbie, a playful character who loves delicious strawberries. Each block is a coding command that directs Awbie on a wondrous tree-shaking, strawberry-munching adventure.


Unleash your inner artist! Pick an image from the camera, web or gallery and Masterpiece will transform it into easy-to-follow lines, helping you create beautiful drawings.

Pizza Co.

Make pizza… grow your profit! Quickly cook pizza & calculate change using topping and money tiles. Invest profits to upgrade your shop or open new locations as you bake your way to becoming “the big cheese”!


Guess and spell the on-screen image. Team up or compete in-person with friends or family to see who will get their letter in first!


Newton works with any object or drawing. Simply place the object/drawing in front of the screen and manipulate it to guide the falling balls into the target zones.


5- Parrot Mini Drones

Parrot launched a series of affordable small-sized drones that can be played indoors and outdoors.

3 types of drones are available: The flyers, the ground wheels and the water floaters. These drones can race, perform aerobatics, shoot missiles, and do various stunts. They are not suitable for kids under 9 and their prices vary from $80 to $120



It’s a “two-in-one” minidrone that flies in the air and glide on water! It is fast and strong, its propeller technology allows it to make quick movements and reach incredible top speeds.
Price $59



The Parrot Jumping Race is a wide tyred racing drone that can turn, jump and drive fast. Like all other drones, you can control it from your mobile device
Price $79

Parrot Airborne Cargo Travis


The Parrot Airborne Cargo is a mini drone that can reach speeds of 18 km/h and perform aerobatic manoeuvres. It is ultra-light 54 g, and can be controled via your smartphone or tablet.


6- Veho Digital Microscope


VMS-004D – 400x is a digital USB Microscope that allows you to see things magnified 400x , 2 Mega Pixels magnification and the ability to take a photo and video of the subject. It’s a cool and educational gadget that triggers the curiosity and encourages kids of all ages to discover nature and the environment around them.
Price $99


7- Starwars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Band

BB-8 is an app-enabled Droid with an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands.


Like a Jedi Knight, you can control your BB-8 with just a wave of your hand and expand your abilities with Force Training.
Price $129


8- Kano Computer Kit

A computer anyone can make. With simple steps and a storybook, you can build your own computer and bring it to life. For ages 6+ (no technical skills required).
With playful projects and challenges you’ll learn to code art, music, apps, games and more.

The package includes everything you need. Raspberry Pi 3, case, speaker, wireless keyboard, memory, HDMI and power cables, coding challenges, stickers and lots of apps. It can be connected to any HDMI screen.
Price: $250


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