Impressive 5G tests by Touch

In a country where the fixed internet service is still dragging behind, our only hope is to expand, improve and multiply the capacity and performance of the mobile internet, especially that most people and businesses today rely on the mobile internet more than ever to conduct their daily matters, be it for business or pleasure.

Touch 5G Event

Today, Touch tested the 5G network in a live public demo held at the Grand Serail and showcased the capability of the network. I know that 5G is still not within reach and that a lot of work still needs to be put to improve the current 3G/4G LTE networks, but this transition is a must. In my opinion, the sooner we test high-end technologies, the sooner we roll them out in the market.

Touch 5G Speedtest

The 5G tests pulled massive speeds reaching 1560Mbps on the commercial C-Band spectrum. This is what users can get from commercially found equipment, it is technically 100 times faster than the current 4G LTE. Note that Zain (Touch’s parent company) has pulled 70Gbps in their tests in Kuwait.

Touch 5G video streaming

Another test demoed 16 x 4K resolution videos streaming simultaneously across different channels on the same 5G network.

5G will make way for new and improved services in the future such as medical and health care services, transportation and others as well as new opportunities in VR and AI.

Najib Blogbaladi 5G
Najib ( cheking out the Huawei 5G device

It seems that Touch has started the implementation and kicked off the building of the 5G infrastructure including cloud EPC, cloud IMS, cloud-ready RAN in some areas. We will see more hands-on results in 2019 with the availability of 5G enabled devices in the market soon.


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