UNICEF – End Violence Against Children Campaign

UNICEF launched an emotional campaign to create awareness amongst parents regarding violent behavior against children. The film depicts the perception of children on how they are being brought up and the effect of violence against them.

Unfortunately, in Lebanon and across several surrounding countries, violent behavior against children is still tolerated and somehow still considered as part the cultural values and norms in the upbringing of children.

Every one of us has a childhood story to tell that includes some form of violence. We usually recall these stories in a funny way over family dinners or with friends.

But, not everyone has the luxury to recall these memories in a positive way. There is a good portion of the society that has been scarred for life by a supposedly loved one. If you look around you, I’m sure you know or you will find many people with heartbreaking and scary stories of extreme violence and abuse from parents against children.

We all want what is best for our kids, and we are all challenged by the everyday life obstacles and worries. But, violence should not be a tool in order to force our children to better perform or behave. Remember our behavior will stay with them forever and might even transition in the future to their kids.

We are responsible for bringing these children into this world, we owe them love, guidance, support and defenitely not violence.

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