Wes Anderson Directs a Short Christmas Film Starring Adrien Brody

You’ve got to respect H&M for setting the creative bar high this Christmas. H&M collaborated with Wes Anderson in order to create a 3 minute film, titled Come Together”. It stars Adrien Brody as a train conductor named Ralph whose train is delayed on Christmas day, so Ralph gets to work in order to save the holiday for his passengers.

Wes Anderson is considered to be one of the best directors / screen writers in Hollywood. His films are very distinct for their visual treatments, colors, narrative style, flat space camera moves and obsession with symmetrical composition. You can literally mute any of his movie and just immerse yourself in the visual journey.

I became a fan of Wes Anderson ever since I watched The Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited, but what really blew my mind and turned me into a big fan was The Grand Budapest Hotel, it is by far one of my all time favorite films.

Check this interesting video showcasing the perfect symmetry of Wes Anderson’s movies:


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