Don’t Believe Everything You Hear On WhatsApp

There’s a WhatsApp voice note circulating in Lebanon from a guy asking people not to accept calls from a particular mobile number (7066**66)

He claims that if you answer the call, a bunch of hackers will have remote access to your pictures, contacts, camera, microphone, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter info, etc.

To my knowledge, the only scam people can face via voice call is losing available credits on account from prepaid lines or getting additional charges (extra minutes) on postpaid lines.

It feels like either a misinformed person or maybe a thug trying to get people or the police to ignore this number in case they call for help.

If anyone is an expert in mobile / telecom security, I would love to hear your opinion.

On A Related Note:
There is a serious global issue across all mobile networks called the “SS7 flaw“; it lets hackers snoop on location, phone calls, and text messages simply by knowing your number. This issue was raised in 2008 then again in 2014. For some reason, nothing has been made to fix this problem, as governments can use this flaw to spy on people.


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