Featured Talent: Wissam Kamal on Comedy Central Arabia

If you’re not familiar with Wissam Kamal’s work yet, then I advise you to subscribe to his social channels. Wissam is about to take his comedy to a whole new level and become a regional superstar.

As of today, Wissam will be hosting “Ridiculousness Arabia – Season 2” on Comedy Central Arabia. He will be the first Lebanese comedian to host a show on this channel.
Wissam Kamal - Comedy Central's Ridiculousness Host TechieDad

Comedy Central was the birth place of great stars and shows, i.e., The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show with John Stewart, Key & Peele, Chapelle’s Show with David Chappelle, The Sarah Silverman Program, South Park and more.

Wissam Kamal Comedy Central's Ridiculousness Techie Dad

Wissam started writing and filming his comedy at an early age; he was creating in-your-face, funny, and satirical work on his youtube channel and sharing them on social media.

Wissam’s comedy makes fun of social situations, issues, and agency ads, in a funny and professional way. He created shows like “Lebanese Ads: F@#k Logic,” “Doppelganger,” “3mela B Baytak”, “Walla?” and my personal favorite “Lebanese Father and Son.”

Wissam Kamal Father And Son Techie Dad

Follow Wissam on his Channels:
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Don’t miss “Ridiculousness Arabia – Season 2” on Comedy Central Arabia. Wishing Wissam all the best on his new adventure, make us proud.


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