Huawei P9 Smartphone with Dual-Lens Leica Camera Review

The Huawei P9 phone was actually released back in April, but I never managed to try it thoroughly until few weeks ago. What makes this phone extra special is the fact that is was co-engineered with Leica, the notorious camera / lens maker and was packed with a dual-lens camera.

The phone was aimed to primarily compete with the Samsung S7, sold at around $480, it stands out as a very competitive device.

The Huawei P9 is not the most gorgeous smartphone, the overall design is fair. It has a moderate friendly user interface and lacks the fast charging that is found in the Samsung S7. The fingerprint scanner is not available at the front of the phone but rather on the back side. This means that you need to enter a passcode every time you need to unlock the phone when placed on a tabletop. On the other hand, the fingerprint scanner found at the back is extremely practical and can be used to unlock the phone, take pictures, scroll and navigate and more.

huawei P9 front

Under the hood, there is a good machine. It is powered by the Kirin 955 processor, it can support double SIM, up to 256GB external SIM, Dual-Lens Camera 12MP back cam and 8MP front one, 5.2 inch display with 1080×1920 pixels, and good loudspeakers.

The camera makes the Huawei P9 worth every penny. It is a 12MP dual-lens camera capturing in RGB and monochrome very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus camera.
huawei p9-camera

The camera is packed with professional features and a very easy to use camera user interface, it is very easy to switch between auto and professional settings. The camera has 14 shooting modes for photography enthusiasts, that gives you the ability to take regular and artistic pictures during the day or night like a pro. Light painting, star tracking, smooth water shoots, beauty shots, monochrome, panorama as well as adding watermark on your pictures are some of the key features.


Here are a few RAW, non-retouched (low res) pictures that I took with the Huawei P9 camera:

Night Mode:
The sensor’s 1.25μm pixel size combined with an f/2.2 aperture helps with the P9’s low light performance. The P9 can deliver very good details and colors in low light settings
The sensor’s 1.25μm pixel size combined with an f/2.2 aperture helps with the P9’s low light performance. The P9 can deliver very good details and colors in low light settings

The P9’s capacity to capture vibrant colors at night gives you the ability to be crafty with your framing

Light Painting:

Huawei P9 light painting 1
Light Painting had never been this easy. A preset setting gives you the ability to take creative pictures without even resorting to manual setup. All you need is a small tripod in order to hold the phone completely still for a few seconds
Huawei P9 light painting 2
This is a light painting picture taken from a rooftop, looking down at night traffic

Focus Point Control:

The P9 gives you the ability to change the focus point in pictures even after taking them

Colors and Details:

Huawei P9 camera detail
Whose Instagram account isn’t filled with food pictures? The details, colors and good depth of field gives you the tool to capture yummy photos

Huawei P9 Colors details

This picture contains plenty of the hard elements to capture. Glass, reflection, sharp edges, textures, light and in a close-up frame. The P9 camera delivered well without loosing any of the details

Daytime and Outdoors:

Huawei P9 Outdoor AUB

Huawei_P9 Details Landscape


Huawei P9 Details Cat
It is a bit tricky taking good pictures of animals. They are never still, you need to make sure you capture that specific moment that reveals their character
Huawei P9 Details Dog
fur is always tricky. A low res camera merges all the small detail in a pixelated way, you will not be able to see the individual little hair particles


Huawei P9 Closeup Green
Macro photography cannot be achieved without a macro lens attached to the device. This is as far as you can push the P9, it is still fair but the iPhone 7 plus’ (2x Optical Zoom) can deliver a better job

Depth Of Field:

Huawei P9 Depth of Field
You have to appreciate the depth of field provided by the P9. It gives out a natural three dimensional feel to the photo



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