The Sony PS5 is one of the most anticipated tech devices of the year. It was literally out of stock on the release date. Although it is huge in size compared to the PS4, the PS5 outer design is awesome and looks like a stormtrooper when placed vertically in your living room.
A presentation on consumer behavior in light of the current Health and economic situation
Welcome to the era of Experience and Emotions. The challenge for businesses today is not just selling products and services, but rather enhancing and amplifying the perception of the brand. This is done through crafting positive and emotional brand experiences that meet the customers' expectations. Anytime, anywhere.
They died because of your corruption. They died because of your incompetence. They died because of your negligence. They died because of your indecision. They died because of your decisions. They died because of your carelessness. They died because of your selfishness. They died because of your greed. They died because of your megalomania. They died because of your ideologies. They died because of your lack of morality. They died because of your godlessness. They died because of your lust for power. They died because you'd do anything to stay in power.
No.. This is not our destiny. History is not meant to repeat itself. Lebanese people are not bound to live in misery, pain, and hardship.
Today, our privacy and security are increasingly at risk every day. Do you own a mobile device? Do you take pictures and videos? Do you chat with other people? Do you send/receive texts, videos, or images? Do you have social media accounts? Then, just like everyone, your privacy is at risk? The biggest threat to our cyber-security is ourselves. The way we handle our mobile devices and manage the content on these devices makes all the difference.
For most of us, Michael Jordan (aka) “His Airness” is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he is even considered one of the greatest athletes ever. But, for the media savvy, he is much more than that. Jordan is one of the greatest living-brands and can be labeled the father of modern-day influencers. Everyone knows Michael Jordan, whether they were old enough (like me) to have seen him play back in the 90's or a teenager that…
What you need to know about the Momo Challenge! (video)
I have to admit I’m a big fan of Bose devices. They have superb sound quality and they are always beautifully designed. I just love to Netflix and chill on my phone with my noise canceling headphones on (a total disconnect), especially when I’m traveling, I just never leave home without them.
There are stories circulating on the internet that PUBG and Fortnite are affecting kids' behavior and that even a few kids have committed life-threatening extreme behaviors because of these video games. PUBG and Fortnite 101 - The Basics: PubG PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds is a (2017) game inspired by the popular Japanese Film (2000) "Battle Royal", where survivors fight to death till last-man-standing. Fortnite was released after PUBG by Epic Games, it relatively has the same overall concept but with different gameplay,…