A presentation on consumer behavior in light of the current Health and economic situation
Today, our privacy and security are increasingly at risk every day. Do you own a mobile device? Do you take pictures and videos? Do you chat with other people? Do you send/receive texts, videos, or images? Do you have social media accounts? Then, just like everyone, your privacy is at risk? The biggest threat to our cyber-security is ourselves. The way we handle our mobile devices and manage the content on these devices makes all the difference.
1) Rediscover your ‘Just Heard’ Turn back time with ‘Just Heard’ and find recent tunes to add to your playlist or favorites. This compilation automatically brings together the last 100 tracks you’ve been listening to and is found in your playlist library under ‘J’ when viewing alphabetically. 2) Send a Song Gram If you love sharing music with friends and loved ones, send your most recently played tracks through iMessage. Simply open your Messages on your iPhone, select the Deezer…
Some challenges are fun, others are helpful, while many are extremely dangerous: We all remember the "Mannequin Challenge"; the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge", the "Backpack Challenge", the "Kiki Challenge", the "Make Your Own Slime Challenge", the "Bottle-Flipping Challenge", and lately the horrible "Momo Challenge"
What you need to know about the Momo Challenge! (video)
I have to admit I’m a big fan of Bose devices. They have superb sound quality and they are always beautifully designed. I just love to Netflix and chill on my phone with my noise canceling headphones on (a total disconnect), especially when I’m traveling, I just never leave home without them.
There are stories circulating on the internet that PUBG and Fortnite are affecting kids' behavior and that even a few kids have committed life-threatening extreme behaviors because of these video games. PUBG and Fortnite 101 - The Basics: PubG PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds is a (2017) game inspired by the popular Japanese Film (2000) "Battle Royal", where survivors fight to death till last-man-standing. Fortnite was released after PUBG by Epic Games, it relatively has the same overall concept but with different gameplay,…
The device is packed with 4 cameras on the rear side of the device. The main camera is a 24MP set for the automatic shooting mode. The second camera is an 8MP wide angle. The third camera is a 5MP depth-sensing camera. The fourth is a 10MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom capability.
It’s the story of the guy who painted the guy who painted the girl who painted the guy who painted the girl who painted the guy who painted the mom who painted the bird.
So, It's almost Christmas Eve and you're still looking for that perfect gift. Here are some last-minute tech-related gift ideas maybe it helps a bit.